Program Associate, Special Projects

Dakar and Thies, Senegal | Development | Full-time | Partially remote


Program Associate, Special Projects 

Location: Dakar and Thies, Senegal (multiple openings)

Requirement:  Proficiency in French and English

Reports to: CEO

About myAgro

myAgro is an award-winning non-profit social enterprise based in West Africa. We have pioneered a mobile savings model that allows farmers to invest their own funds in high-quality seed, fertilizer, and agricultural training to increase their harvest and income by 50-100%. Our North Star is to help 1 million farmers increase their incomes by $1.50 per day by 2025 and lift themselves out of poverty. 


About the Role: Program Associate, Special Projects

The Program Associate role is a unique opportunity to support a growing team at a lean and high performing organization. You have the chance to organize, lead, and execute company projects that fall outside the scope of its regular business or work on project acceleration by designing, launching and then handing over successful pilots. You’ll ensure effective team support of initiatives. Although you will work closely with your supervisor, this position is expected to exercise a high degree of autonomy and take on significant responsibility. An ideal candidate will have broad interests and background knowledge in nonprofit operations management.


Work could include: 


  • Important initiatives that affects a country, team or the organization 
    • Example - digital design for SMS payments with appleseed in Tanzania
  • Work with a team to research and design a new initiative or process
  • Share learnings across teams and be a resource through documenting projects, 1 pagers and playbooks; share relevant data to solving problems and participate in various organizational meetings
  • Support COO and CEO to prepare for various internal or external meetings through collecting KPIs, drafting slides, etc. 
  • Financial and Data Analysis: gather and interpret data which will then could be used for budgeting, growth, and forecasting purposes


This would in some ways be a stretch role - designing a larger scale project, collaborating with various department and team members, managing project / teams working on financial analysis and a great opportunity to learn what it takes to grow and build a large organization from a myriad of angles. 


You are Right for this role if:

  • You speak French and English
  • You have experience in Western Africa and non-profit organizations
  • You have some experience working with finance, data, and budgets
  • You enjoy working autonomously on new projects and goals


You are Wrong for this if:

  • You have less than 2 years experience in a similar role
  • You do not have experience in developing countries
  • You are not adaptable and do not work well under pressure

This is a great role to work on growing our people, learning first hand what it takes to develop leaders and support a growing organization. This will also open your network to a wide group of nonprofits, leadership and professional development organizations and have an outsized impact on our work by helping us be more effective!


myAgro provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, national origin, age, disability, political opinion, social status, veteran status, and genetics. myAgro complies with all applicable federal, provincial and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.