Partnerships Associate - Thiès

Thiès, Senegal

Term:  2-year commitment 
Critical Requirement: Proficiency in French and English
Location: Thies, Senegal

About myAgro

myAgro is an award-winning non-profit social enterprise based in West Africa. We have pioneered a mobile savings model that allows farmers to invest their own funds in high-quality seed, fertilizer, and agricultural training to increase their harvest and income by 50-100%. Our North Star is to help 1 million farmers increase their incomes by $1.50 per day by 2025 and lift themselves out of poverty. Learn more from myAgro’s founder and CEO here.

About Partnerships Associate role

myAgro aims to reach 1 million farmers by 2025 and has recently launched a global partnerships program to achieve its ambitious target. As Partnerships Associate, you will have the exciting opportunity to run a pilot with a new partner to develop and test myAgro’s path to scale.

Over the last two years, myAgro has been conducting trials with savings groups and creating a body of knowledge on best practices for partnering with savings group operators. Building on these initial successes, the Partnerships Associate will work within myAgro’s partnerships program team in Senegal to support the expansion phase of a partnership with an international NGO. You will be responsible for co-developing the program, piloting new innovations and codifying what works to be scaled up. Reporting to the Regional Parnership Program Manager and working helping myAgro reach its ambitious goals worldwide.


  • Program Design: Innovate and improve on myAgro's model to support the development of the program.
  • Service & Product Development: Design marketing strategies, tools and processes to test and scale products to increase farmer adoption & income.
  • Data & Analysis: Working closely with myAgro’s IT team, use myAgro’s database to develop the reports and analysis needed for program roll out, improvement and scale.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Regularly update and share a program dashboard and perform data analysis to evaluate the pilot, improve performance and adapt for future scale up.
  • Leadership Development: Create professional development plans, trainings and tools to identify high performers, support growth and enable teams to take on increasing responsibility and ownership for pilot growth and impact.
  • Processes & Systems: Codify tools, infrastructure and learnings from trials to help myAgro scale organizationally (and with the partner organization specifically), while innovating around myAgro’s model and how it can best be integrated into the partner’s existing structures and operations.

Required Experience

  • At least 2 years work experience and significant project or team management experience
  • At least 1 year of developing country experience – preferably working in a rural setting with farmers
  • Proven ability to work independently and adapt to new situations and unforeseen challenges
  • Proven ability to manage competing needs and/or priorities of multiple stakeholders to move projects or work forward, ideally in an international development context or within a large international NGO
  • Masters in a related field preferred but not required

Key Skills & Competencies

  • Proficiency in English and French required
  • Strong MS Office experience, particularly Excel
  • Strategic thought process and strong decision-making capabilities based on data analytics
  • Creative and versatile approach to problem-solving; solution-oriented
  • Excellent communications skills and the ability to work cross-culturally
  • A passion for the mission, vision, and values of myAgro
  • As with any start-up, flexibility, a sense of humour, and an open mind are necessary


  • Compensation is modest but competitive with other social enterprises
  • Initial flight to West Africa, with an additional flight in year 2
  • Excellent global insurance benefits (including health, vision, dental and emergency coverage)
  • 4 weeks of annual vacation
  • Stipend for local language lessons
  • Tons of karmic good – you’ll be directly helping farming families move beyond subsistence farming!



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